Tuesday, September 27, 2011

丰盛的筵席 - 2010 COCM 短宣分享

丰盛的筵席 - 2010 COCM 短宣分享




Alsa Shih testimony at the 2010 COCM Year End Camps

Grace upon Grace 
By Alsa Shih. 01-08-2011
While I was typing this testimony on this quiet Saturday morning, it was snowing again. If you do not need to go anywhere, it is great watching the snow, however if you need to travel then it is a different story. This just happened to me two weeks ago when I was scheduled to take an evening flight on December 26th 2010 (the same day Blizzard 2010 hit the east coast) to London for the COCM Year-End Student Camp. I checked in that afternoon and waited to board, however, the aircraft which was supposed to pick up the passengers could not landed and had to be detoured to Toronto. British Airways asked all of the passengers to pick up their luggage and come back the next day.
Since I live in NH, the airline was kind enough to put me in a hotel in downtown Boston. After I got to the hotel room, I prayed to the Lord and thanked Him for His provision so I could have a warm bed to sleep in and I trusted He would continue to lead me for the rest of journey.

Lowell church 短宣隊見證

Shuyue's Testimony: Shuyue Zhou is a young adult from our church who went to a mission trip summer of year 2010.

英國短宣隊見證(COCM STM Trip sharing)
Ellen Yan and Reece Liang 這對母子是Amherst教會的會友,
今年第一次參加短宣隊. 見證中詳細記錄在短宣服事當中, 如何經歷 神大能, 繼而靈命被更新的過程.
Ellen Yan見證 (in English)
Reece Liang見證 (in English)
2007 台灣短宣分享...周志忠 
2007 春季瑞士行---陳許英嬌師母
2006 台灣短宣記---吳鴻銘